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Rothwell Partners are very selective in the companies we choose to mentor and support for investment and other business related partnerships.

To be considered for assistance and support by Rothwell Partners, we require that you submit your business plan. Simply email us at support@rothwellpartners.com

You will need to supply information about your venture such as:

Company contact information

Management team information

Company profile and business plan

Financial summary

Financial forecast

Executive profile

Information regarding your business and industry

You will also have the opportunity to submit or record via webcam, send a video elevator pitch, in addition to attaching various other documents that are appropriate.

It is important that all relevant information is submitted at the same time, as our team attend weekly meetings to discuss various opportunities and we only consider those that have emailed a comprehensive package about their company/business.

Please kindly allow two weeks for Rothwell Partners to review your business plan and to contact you thereafter.