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Regardless of the long term relationships between banks and their clients, banks have tightened the requirements for commercial lending leading to a gap in the supply and demand for financing for small to medium sized businesses.
At Rothwell Partners we offer companies an opportunity for Alternative financing to help companies overcome either short-term or long-term cash flow issues and at the same time, these opportunities provides our network of investors a chance to capitalize for an above average return on investment.


Rothwell Partners assist investors with investments into private companies whereby the assets within the companies can be secured by an equity stake to generate greater collateral than the invested capital.

The investors that Rothwell Partners assist will normally seek an exit by replacing their invested capital with the capital market liquidity raised by the company going public, or the sale of the company to a larger entity, thereby securing its principle and profits.
In some cases Rothwell Partners will through its network identify special opportunity investments that require the ability to execute investments into a company or a project in a fast, efficient way, yet with a limited risk profile and in these situations Rothwell Partners has the ability to help companies raise quick money if and when an urgent negative cash flow situation should arise.
The investment can be repaid in a number of ways including with money raised by the company going public or being sold. Where we invest in businesses, we work closely with them, helping them build on their success and develop a strategy for creating value.


Rothwell Partners can in conjunction with various banking partners help companies or project owners raise funds through the issue of corporate bonds. When raising money through a corporate bond issue, the issuing company can raise up to 6-8 times their net asset value on 3-5 year terms, at coupon rates between 4%-6% using one of Rothwell Partners bespoke financial bond instruments that we have developed over the last 3 years.