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Introducing an impact investment manager creating boundary-pushing financial products to support impact businesses from idea to scaled success. The Company is creating a diversified multi-strategy impact investment manager. The Company build institutional grade, equity and credit, market rate return, growth strategies for private capital to make scale investments designed to achieve social and environmental objectives. The mission is to bring together people with the knowledge, connections and capital to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges.

Investment Highlights:
  • Seeking strategic investor to invest £13M to build and accelerate strategies addressing decarbonisation, retrofitting and rural economic resilience
  • Global network of experts and partners in the social and environmental impact sector provide deal flow, relationships and expertise, and reduce risk
  • Source and vet ideas, design products and raise initial funds all from within a growing network of impact allies
  • 10,000+ addressable audience of entrepreneurs, global institutions, large asset managers & foundations, governments, and many other impact partners
  • Raising £13M via a Stand-by Convertible Note Facility
Company Highlights:
  • Entrepreneurial expertise creating next-level capital solutions
  • Recognised impact thought Leaders
  • Team combines decades of collective investment experience
  • Significant global investment track-record.

Debt Securities – Bonds for Microfinance in Emerging Market Countries

Launched in 2008, the group is focused in the use of Microfinance Techniques for Investing in small Businesses across Emerging areas of the World, with a Focus on EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) regions. The Fund (Luxembourg) is a Securitization Fund established according to the Provisions of the Law of 22 March 2004 on Securitization. Microfinance aims to fill a gap left by Banks, which find small loans uneconomic. Microfinance is about Social and Financial Inclusion as well as Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth.

Investment Highlights:
  • Low Correlation – Microfinance has historically low to Zero Correlation to traditional Asset Classes
  • Short Maturities (Duration Risk) – 11, 24, 36 and 60 months
  • High Yield of up to 9.5% p.a. in EUR
  • Securitization Fund FX fully Hedged; No Leverage
  • Risk Management – Historical cumulated NPLs < 1%
Company Highlights:
  • The Group has a 13 year Track Record and is a well-recognised Group within the Industry
  • The Group has issued a Total of 929 Bonds for Euro 1.6B since Inception
  • Strategy Sustainability is integrated into the overall Corporate Strategy
  • Stringent rules in Terms of Ethical Behavior, Openness, and Transparency, Discretion and Privacy
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Frontier Markets Investment Opportunities Fund

Based on a clear mission to deliver exceptional long-term returns to the investors, the Company has concentrated a portfolio of well researched stocks (<25 companies) in four key sectors; banks, education, healthcare and consumer. The focus is on companies that generate a positive economic and social impact. With a long-term investment horizon (5-10 years) the target is to quadruple the investors capital.

Investment Highlights:
  • Fund Capacity for Founder Class USD 50M and Regular Class USD 500M
  • Portfolio target of <25 Companies , an Investment horizon of 5-10 years and a target to quadruple the investors capital
  • Launch Date in May 2019, Liquidity monthly with a notice period of 180 Days
  • Key Partners; Prime Broker Goldman Sachs, Custodian Standard Chartered, Auditor KPMG
Company Highlights:
  • Flagship Fund launched in April 2019 has returned +69% since the start of the COVID pandemic in March 2020 and +21% in 2021
  • Team combines a diverse set of skills with extensive industry and investment experience
  • Team over decade’s experience investing in frontier and emerging markets
Actively managed closed-end Fund with Projects that are important for Prosperity and Wellbeing

An actively managed closed-end Fund where the Company follows their Benelux partners selectively into broader European markets, to those markets and projects where together they have a competitive advantage, thereby creating a focused and privileged entry point into selected European countries. Early mover advantage thanks to Benelux presence. Early stage visibility and access. Early advantage to Off-market transactions. Long-term public and private sector relationships that led to a Euro 385M PIPELINE of privileged opportunities identified with privileged partners.

Investment Highlights:
  • Term 12 years with extension option of 2 x 1 year; Commitment period 5 years with extension option of 1 year
  • IRR target 9 – 11% p.a. net to Investors; carried Interest 20% over hurdle-rate of 7%, half catch-up
  • Target fund size EUR 300M with hard cap of EUR 350M, Company will commit EUR 30M
  • Strong policy support such as (i) Energy Transition, (ii) Digital Transformation and (iii) Sustainable Mobility and Transport
  • Focus on Paris aligned Infrastructure
Company Highlights:
  • Company implements Projects that are important for Prosperity and Wellbeing – Enthusiasm makes all the difference
  • Company is actively investing since 2007; 1st fund 1.72 TVPI; 2nd fund 1.08 TVPI (still investing); Recent Exits: 3.09 multiple average
  • Company posted a record amount in 2020 of over Euro 287M in Investments and consolidated a net result of Euro 41.6M
  • Investments diversified and balanced portfolio of European Greenfield and Operational Infrastructure assets with clear path to a value Inflection point
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Leader in Alternative Lending Space

The Company is a leading Fund Investor in Europe on FinTech-originated Loans and Receivables, in addition to being a global leading Crypto arbitrage trading shop. Given its prominent role in digital finance in Europe, the Company has privileged access to best -in-class deal flow in global FinTech and can further support them in debt funding/trading to make sure they successfully execute their business. The huge shift happening in the Credit Market gives solid exit strategies: Consolidation, Secondary Transactions, Trade Sale, PE Sales, IPO.

Investment Highlights:
  • Target Fund Size USD 350M; Existing commitment USD 25M
  • Target 1st close in Q1 2022 USD 100M; Target Exit 10x
  • Fund life 7 years which can be extended by 1 to 3 years
  • Minimum commitment USD 1M; Number of Investments 35 to 50
Company Highlights:
  • Fund I, launch date July 2019, MOIC 24,4 (estimated), 7 Investments, USD 7M invested, USD $190 AUM (estimated), 725% IRR
  • Fund II, launch date July 2021, MOIC 2,8 (estimated), 15 Investments, USD 65M invested, USD $186 AUM estimated), 4144% IRR
  • 30+ years of combined Experience in the niche segment of FinTech and Alternative Lending, VC Investing, Fund Management, Trading
  • Manages approx. USD 3,5B across four strategies
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One of the Leading Asian VC

A Company with vision, striving to bring innovations to the industry and the Society. Japan has a huge market with unsolved issues untapped by an old-economy. The Company invests in the solutions for an aging Society, undeveloped ´personal Wealth Management and low Labor Productivity due to slow progress of Digital Transformation etc.. The rise of Startup as innovative issue solvers made users start accepting Startup products. The Japanese Startup Market is Whitespace. The Japanese market has growth potential yet with lower risk in political/market volatility, compared to other Asia countries.

Investment Highlights:
  • Target Fund Size USD 80M -USD $120M (hard cap: USD 325M)
  • 1st close in Q3 2022; Final close within 18 months
  • Fund life 10 years; Commitment period 5 years
  • GP Commitment 1%
Company Highlights:
  • The Company is a leading Asian VC with USD 1.7B AUM and 20+ years of experience
  • 81 exits via IPO/M&A with track record of gross multiple ~ 4.4x
  • 92 Members covering Investing (40+) , In-house DD (30+) , Value-enhancement (10+) and Corporate (6+)
  • 80% coverage of startup deals and # of investments > 100 p.a
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A New and Dramatically different US Airline

This new US airline will operate ultra-low-fare point-to-point flights to and from high-density markets in the Continental U.S. and Hawaii. These markets are large enough to sustain near 100% load factors and plan to add a limited number of international routes during our third year of operation.

Investment Highlights:
  • Phase 1 (Pre-Revenue Flight Operations) USD 300M SEC Reg D 506(c) private placement offering
  • Phase 3 (Exit Strategy) Perfectly timed IPO to raise more than USD 10B
  • Phase 2 (Years 2-3) USD 500M secondary offering
Company Highlights:
  • This new US airline expects to have the lowest cost per available seat mile (CSM) in the industry, enabling to charge lower fares than the competition
  • This new US airline expects to appeal to all age groups. Budget-conscious travelers, working class families with children, students and businesses looking to conserve resources
  • Multiple distinct profit centers: Passenger Revenue, Cargo, Advertising & Promotions (Branding), Food & Beverage, Insurance, Travel Affiliate Program and Vacations (Hotel & Rent-A-Car)
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Privately held New York based Real Estate Investment Company founded in 2012

In order to uncover the best location-specific opportunities, Fund II will leverage existing relationships with Sponsors, Originators of Multifamily financing and Intermediaries to gain access to distressed opportunities during a period of limited competition from traditional equity sources. Fund II will invest not only in value-add opportunities, but also in ground-up development opportunities to take advantage of higher returns.

Investment Highlights:
  • Similar to Fund I, Fund II will invest via a soft preferred Equity structure alongside Sponsors of Multifamily transactions
  • This vehicle invests in Multifamily opportunities in the US via a ‘Gap Equity’ structure
  • Investors earn preferred Equity Returns targeting a conservative 12% – 15% IRR (historically this structure has generated a 20%+ IRR)
  • Fund II will build upon the success of Fund I; Fund I has made 12 Multifamily Investments targeting Investor IRR 12% – 16%
  • Fund II held its first Closing in 2021 and has since made its first four Investments
  • 10 Realizations have resulted to date in a 17%+ net Investor IRR
Company Highlights:
  • Sponsors subordinate their Equity to the Fund, reducing the Fund’s exposure in the capital stack and cushioning its downside
  • Sponsors have established Track Records and extensive local Networks
  • Invest with experienced local and regionally focused, targeting regions with strong and diverse job markets and favorable demographic trends
  • Invest with experienced local and regionally focused Sponsors
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Grain Freight Logistics Investment Opportunity

Drybulk vessel investment offer unique returns due to continued energy demand at all-time highs, which has to be met with drybulk goods (e.g. coal) being transported by ocean, protein consumption per capita growing globally at a steady pace and vessel supply at all-time lows and optionality to lead to green shipping transition with predictable cash-flows re-deployed to carbon capture technologies.

Investment Highlights:
  • Fully hedged via 7-year Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs)
  • Securing a 15-30% cash yield
  • IRR Unlevered c. 18%, based on straight line asset value depreciation
  • IRR Levered c. 32%, based on straight line depreciation and 50% leverage
  • Cash-yield 16-18%, excluding vessel sale proceeds
Company Highlights:
  • Structure is fully hedged, creating almost a fixed income trade with low risk and high cash-yield, tax free
  • The Company has a presence in key areas around the globe
  • Ability to deliver superior freight operations
  • Secure access to unique off-market cargo flow
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India Focused Growth Consumer Fund

There is a massive formalization of the Indian economy underway. The payments revolution in India is driving the transformation in the sector and resulting in the institutionalization of businesses. The overall result is an Indian Consumer Explosion.

Investment Highlights:
  • Co-investment available to Fund investors only; Investment size of USD 7.5M – 20M per investee company
  • Fund size USD 250M including domestic commitments of USD 100M
  • Portfolio target of 10 – 12 businesses with an average holding period of 4 – 5 years
  • Fund term 10 + 2 years from the date of final closing and commitment period of 5 years from the date of initial closing
  • Hurdle rate of 8% p.a. at carried Interest of 20% over hurdle rate with no catch-up
Company Highlights:
  • Over USD 200M invested and over USD 270M returned to investors
  • Fund 1 USD 91M (including co-invest)
  • 4 complete exits and 3 companies marked up significantly out of 14 investments
  • Fund 1 USD 91M (including co-invest)
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A Pioneer in Cross-Border VC 400+ Invested Companies and Over USD 1B AUM

A Pioneer in cross-border Venture Capital, with a focus on early and growth stage Companies in Greater China, Asia Pacific and the US, the Company has always been about the people because success is a cooperative effort between likeminded people, who value long-term Partnerships. 26 years of commitment to these principles have enabled the Company to build and maintain deep Trust and loyal Partnerships globally. This Venture Capital firm´s Companies push progress and create impact that matters.

Investment Highlights:
  • Target Fund Size USD 200M (USD 100M Committed); 6 years Investment Period
  • USD 3M Principal Team Commitment
  • Minimum Subscription USD 3M (Institutional) and USD 1M (Individual)
Company Highlights:
  • The Company has invested in 400+ companies in the fields of healthcare, biotech, artificial intelligence, robotics, fintech, sustainability, and new media
  • The Company is actively overseeing more than USD 1B AUM Across 13 funds; 100+ plus successful IPO and M&A exits
  • Investment Team is led by seasoned investors with extensive international experiences and perspectives
  • Core Investment Team members have 10+ years of expertise in their respective vertical markets
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Growth Equity for Innovative Tech in the Global Market Place

The Company was born out of decades of Cross-border Experience as Technologists, Operators and Investors, Advisors and Strategists, Bankers and Deal makers, and Entrepreneurs in 2015. As of June 30, 2021, the Company has achieved USD 75M+ in Commitments across all Funds and made USD 62M+ in Distributions from the prior Real Estate Fund. Over the course of last 6 years, the Company has heavily invested in Investment Management Infrastructure and Relationships with Service Providers to support much larger AUM.

Investment Highlights:
  • Leverage contacts in the global capital markets and strategic investors to produce accelerated and more profitable exits
  • Apply their ‘Growth Engineering’ approach to portfolio companies to achieve accelerated growth in the US, Europe and Asia
  • Focus on Tech Companies with Commercial Revenue and high Growth Potential
  • Invest in AI-Enabled Digital, Healthcare and Sustainability Technology companies
  • USD 150M cover; 5+1+1 term; 4x MOIC / 30%+ IRR target net returns
Company Highlights:
  • 5 Technology Investments made; Commitments of USD 75M+; Distributions of USD 62M+
  • ESG Program; SEC Registered Investment Manager and ILPA Compliant Offering Documents
  • Present in New York, California, Florida; China; Hong Kong
  • GP Commitment >1%
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A Next Generation Venture Capital Platform

The Companies Platform will be a Consumer/Enterprise facing online Technology platform allowing anyone to easily connect their Bank and Brokerage accounts to start making and tracking Investments in core strategies and individual Companies. Enabling anyone to Invest in Startups for as little as USD 500 providing Index exposure to Venture Capital Investments in specific regions, beginning with North America and Latin America and Investment Opportunities in individual Companies pre-selected by top Venture Capital Fund Managers.

Investment Highlights:
  • Target Size USD 105M for this Closed-end and Registered Fund
  • Target IRR of 20%+ ;Target Annual Cash Distribution of 5%
  • Min. 25 Fund Investments per Strategy
  • Min. Manager Fund size of USD 50M (North America) and USD 25M (Latin America)
  • Engaging Technology Platform to serve up Investments, Reporting
Company Highlights:
  • The Company offers higher Diversification and Accessibility than Competitive Solutions
  • Management Team Experienced in Investments and Entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities to invest in Companies screened by Top quartile Managers
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Developing the next Luxury Lifestyle Hotels

The Company is focused on a tech-driven investment strategy of distressed hospitality assets in prime locations developing the next generation of luxury lifestyle hotels in Europe. Existing investors include peers/founders, European Family Offices and Institutional Investors. The Company are now collaborating on Fund TWO, as well as direct investment opportunities to support the fundraise. The team has secured a range of Covid-struck hotels, ready to transact on, delivering a 15% Return per annum with additional upside at Exit.

Investment Highlights:
  • Direct investments: A set of direct investment opportunities ready for your review in locations such as Lisbon, Mallorca, or Milan. These Tier1 locations will trade at significant premiums in the near term as Travel rebounds, and have been acquired at a significant discount.
  • Second Equity Fund of €100M for a diversified allocation into the rebound of hospitality. The Fund anchors all real estate investments and replicates the strategy of Fund ONE, which already has a strong track record for risk-adjusted returns. Fund TWO is projected to deliver high teens in Net IRR across 8-10 investments. The GP’s are committed with €20M themselves.
Company Highlights:
  • Prolific European investor with 20+ year track record in identifying investment trends and building scaled platforms around them such as NASDAQ-listed $ATAI
  • Hospitality & Technology experts focus on the resurgence of hospitality in Europe at a unique point in time
  • The firm is bringing together a world-class team from the world of design, service and food & beverage to deliver the most exciting new experiences
  • Existing investors include peers/founders, European Family Offices and Institutional Investors.
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A Blockchain Focused Venture Fund

The company has invested in Digital Assets and Blockchain companies since 2015 and provide Investors with access to early-stage Blockchain opportunities with a 1-4 year horizon, and an exposure to exceptional teams that are using Blockchain to change the World. Blockchain is the largest value creation opportunity since the Internet itself.

Investment Highlights:
  • USD 100M Target Fund Raise with an every 3-4 weeks Investment Frequency; USD 25.4 Million AUM
  • Deep tech – Blockchain enabled technologies and Digital Assets as Investment Sectors
  • Primarily Seed and Series A as first Institutional Investor Investment Stage
  • Preferred Equity and/or Tokens Investment Mechanic
Company Highlights:
  • The Company filed 40 Patents with the US Patent Office and brought 125 New Tech Products to Market
  • The Company has created USD 450m value as Operators and aggregated 840% return to Investors
  • The Company team of Investors has more than 150 years of Tech experience and have founded 13 Technology Companies
  • Proven ability to access the best deals at early stages
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Multifamily Real Estate

Many investors now fear the specter of long term inflation. Key pricing indicators have reached levels not seen in decades. Nobody knows when inflation will peak, how high it will go or how long it will take to return to normal. But there is a simple step that investors can take to protect their portfolios right now: Invest in Multifamily Real Estate.

Investment Highlights:
  • Hurdle 1 : Up to 15% IRR : 80/20; Hurdle 2 : Up to 28% IRR : 60/40; Thereafter : 20/80
  • Returns 15-20%+ IRR and 2.0 – 2.5x Equity Multiple
  • Asset Type : B+, B++ and A- and Number of Assets : 6 with approx. 1,600 units inside the Fund
  • Total Raise of USD 100M and a Hold Period of 5-7 Years
Company Highlights:
  • Strong Sponsor Track Record; Averaged over 30% IRR historically; $700M AUM
  • Fully Vertically Integrated
  • 600+ Investors from 3 Countries and 38 US States; 360+ Multi-Deal Investors and 150+ Referred LPs
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Vertically Integrated Healthcare Real Estate Specialist

In 2008 a Team of Physicians and Real Estate professionals launch the Company as a subsidiary of a large independent physician practice group. In 2013 the Company develops or acquires over USD 100M in new Assets for the first time in a single year. In 2016 the Company closes on its 40th Healthcare building. In 2019 the Company opens its 4th office nationally, in Washington DC, and enters its 14th state of operation. The Company aims to acquire, develop and enhance Healthcare Properties that facilitate exceptional patient or resident care and add value to the communities they serve.

Investment Highlights:
  • Defensive investment in a recession resistant asset class, as reflected during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
  • Diversified across (i) medical office, (ii) ambulatory surgery centers and (iii) acute, post-acute surgical hospitals
  • Target Fund size USD 100M
  • Target 17%-19% Gross IRR (14%-16% Net)1.5x-2.0x Gross Multiple (1.3x-1.8x Net) 6%-8% net annual distributable dividend
  • Targeting acquisitions and select developments in four U.S. regions: Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic
Company Highlights:
  • MOB pre-fund Track record represents USD 63.8M of Invested Equity, 46.6% Gross IRR and 2.2x Gross Multiple
  • Strong relationships with Health systems and Physician groups to drive sourcing and value-add initiatives
  • Experienced team of over two dozen professionals focused on the Acquisition and Management of Medical Office buildings
  • Sponsor vertically integrated Healthcare Real Estate Specialist
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Focus on Climate Tech Verticals

Exponential technologies increasingly enable the acceleration of transformative climate change solutions, presenting a large and valuable investment opportunity. Globally, public spending in the next 3 decades will create the largest growth market in human history.

Investment Highlights:
  • Total Raise of USD 65M for this 10 year Fund with 3 x 1 year extensions
  • Investment Targets if 55+ portfolio companies; 40 Pre Seed, 10 Seed, 5 Post seed/Opportunistic investments
  • Target Returns 46%+ IRR and 4.95 Net MOIC modeled
  • Focus on Climate Tech verticals that are undercapitalized yet vital to humanity
Company Highlights:
  • Track Record: Venture Fund AUM > USD 1 Billion; 70+ Angel Investments; 60+ Total number of Exits
  • Venture Returns: Gross MOIC of 3.9x; Angel Returns 4.1x MOIC (on exited firms)
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Servicing the Early Stage Food and Beverage (F&B) Community

The Company approach leverages early stage investing Experience, Operational expertise , Proprietary Pipeline of Investment Opportunities and an extensive Network to help Portfolio Companies at every stage of their development. The Company focuses on Natural/Specialty emerging Brands that are reshaping the entire F&B Industry due to Consumer desire for healthier products. Consumers are flocking to more natural, organic and convenient options.

Investment Highlights:
  • Better Diligence Process and Post-investment Operational Support via Sister Organization
  • Target MOC 5.0x during an Investment Period of 5 years and Investment Terms of 10 years
  • Target Size USD 20M (Capped at USD 50M)
  • Minimum LP commitment of USD 250K for Individual and USD 1M for Institutional
  • Unique operational Focus and expansive Resources providing
Company Highlights:
  • Three Exits and Four Companies have grown their Valuation from sub USD 15M to USD 100M+m since initial Investment
  • Reputation of Trust and Execution built over the last 20+ years investing in and launching 900+ Brands
  • Investment expertise and Operational expertise creating a powerful Resource for young, high growth Companies
  • Previous 19 Investments with a current Multiple 5.03x and a gross IRR of 29.1%
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Non-correlated, inflation-protected LATAM Art Fund

Art is a scarce asset with forceful demand. Art is under owned versus other assets. The art market is attracting forceful demand from crypto and tech buyers, millennials, Gen Z, young Asian entrepreneurs, wealthy and philanthropic Latinos, and investors seeking alternative and real assets. Changing global demographics and tastes and structural transformation are creating new demand and a more efficient ecosystem.

Investment Highlights:
  • The LATAM Art Fund LP is a closed end PE Fund with a 10yr investment horizon
  • Target Fund size USD 50M
  • Hurdle Rate 9%, Carried Interest 80/20
  • A non-correlated, inflation-protected, asset with high returns
  • Compelling value and momentum in blue-chip Latin American Art
  • Latin America offers stability and growth in a volatile geopolitical environment
Company Highlights:
  • Management is responsible for investment decisions, overall checks and balances, and the highest Corporate Governance
  • Acquisition, Retention, and Sale of LATAM Art and Art Technology Assets
  • 15% of Carried Interest earned by the Company will be directed at Philanthropic Projects
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Full-service, Vertically Integrated Commercial Real Estate Company

The Company is a fully integrated Investment Manager and Operator of multi-tenant Office buildings and Multifamily Projects in the top-11 MSAs with $3 billion of AUM established in 2003. Since, the Company sponsored six Funds and completed Joint Ventures with UBS, Townsend, Partners Group, Torchlight, Front Range, Harel, Menora, and Psagot. Recognized Brand for excellence in Service, Integrity and Investment.

Investment Highlights:
  • Leader in Class A and B+ office spaces with an impressive 18-year history
  • Committed to delivering distinctive office experiences through best-in-class properties
  • High-yield returns cash on cash 8-10%; Projected IRR 16-18%
  • The firm require $20m of LP equity, capped at $40m
Company Highlights:
  • As a Top 5 Owner in the Markets of operation, the Company has become a leader in Class A and B+ Office Spaces
  • Sponsor full-service, vertically integrated Commercial Real Estate Company
  • Impressive 18-year history leading to 32 Office Properties, Multi-tenant class A and B Office buildings in Urban and Top Suburban locations
  • USD 3B in managed Assets, and over 15 million square feet of offerings
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One of the most Successful and Active Angel Networks dedicated to Health

The Company has one of the most successful and active Angel Networks in the US, delivering a 23% net portfolio IRR (EOY 2020). The Companies Executive team has a combined 75 years of experience in operating, building and selling successful companies. First-hand insight into how crucial early development and execution are to successful exits. The VC Fund is the evolution of their early experience.

Investment Highlights:
  • The group would also offer a seat on the LP Advisory Committee for signed subscriptions that exceed USD 3M
  • Lead or Co-lead deals into 7-12 Post-Seed to Series A companies (30% of Fund) USD 1M- USD 2M check size
  • Preferred LP return of 7% at 2.25% Management fee and 20% GP Carried Interest
  • Target USD 30M+ during the 4-5year Investment Period and a 10-year Limited Partnership
  • Lead or Co-lead deals into 8-15 Seed companies (55% of Fund) USD 500K – USD 1M check size
Company Highlights:
  • Strong Partnerships in Deal sourcing and Investment led to successful Exits across various Sectors and Stages
  • AS Investors 15+ years average Startup investing Experience
  • The Executive team has a combined 75 years of experience in operating, building and selling successful companies
  • AS Entrepreneurs and Operators 8+ combined successful Startups USD 50M+ Capital raised
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A NY Metro Area core Multifamily Asset

The Building is at a Prime Location in the heart of Jersey City’s fast developing West Side Neighborhood with easy Access to major Highways such as Routes 78, 280, 1&9 and the NJ Turnpike. The Neighborhood is experiencing significant Growth and private Investment, including “the largest mixed-income development site” in the tri-state area. The Building is within walking distance of the West Side Avenue, providing access to Downtown Jersey City and Manhattan via NJ Transit.

Investment Highlights:
  • Over the same period average year-over-year cash distributions of 4.18%, with an equity multiple of 1.81x
  • At a potential Capital raise of USD 28M the implied entry Cap Rate would be approximately 4.09%
  • In a Scenario where the Asset is sold after a 10 year hold at an Exit Cap Rate of 4.5%, the REIT would generate 7.78% IRR
Company Highlights:
  • The Building is at a Prime Location and the Neighborhood is experiencing significant Growth and Private Investment
  • Opened in 2018, this 5-story modern Building is located in the City’s fast developing Neighborhood
  • Well-positioned to attract and retain Tenants while leaving a substantial Margin for future Rent Increases
  • 63 oversized Luxury Apartments built in 2018 and 98% occupied
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A Leading Industry-focused VC

The Company is the direct arm of a US Family Office who started Venture Investing in 2017 which became full time in 2018, upon the launch of FUND1- a personal investment vehicle. Later Fund 2 was formed for Friends and Family and Fund4 in 2020 for Institutional Investors. The Partners met as friends in 1980’s; professional careers in Real Estate, Business Operations, Tech and Travel. As principal Investors, the Partners worked on Transactions for over a decade including a Company-Lehman Brothers European Property Fund. The Partners are the largest Investors/Majority Shareholders in all funds.

Investment Highlights:
  • Target USD 25M during a 2 Year Investing Period and a 5 Year Holding Period and Targeted Returns 3X Equity multiple
  • Direct/Co-Investment available for Fund4 Investors at reduced Fees and Carried Interest
  • Institutional Investors cannot participate, creating unique Opportunities for Funds and Family Offices
  • Unique Structure of Transparency and Voting rights on all Investments
Company Highlights:
  • The Company is the direct investing arm of a US Family Office and its Operating Partners have invested USD 4.52M to date.
  • Completed 30+ Investments across 3 Funds in the USD 25B Market which is expected to grow by 23.9% annually through 2030
  • The Company first Partnership has achieved 4.15X unrealized Returns over a 4 year period (as of 1/22)
  • The Company is an Industry-specific VC who has operated since 2018
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A Residential Distressed Mortgage Opportunity Fund

Starting in 2007, the Company deployed over USD 200M to acquire distressed Single-family Residential Mortgages, generating outsized Returns to Investors with a nearly identical Business Model. The Companies Management Team has successfully managed Portfolios of distressed Residential Real Estate Assets during both the Bull Market of the late 2010’s and the ensuing Recession. The Management is opportunistic and has responded to changing market conditions with various distressed Real Estate Strategies. The Company can effectively process thousands of non-performing loans and Real Estate Assets over the next several years.

Investment Highlights:
  • Investors gain exposure to niche sectors within the distressed Residential Mortgage and Real Estate markets
  • Multi-pronged Strategy to generate outsized Returns for Investors
  • Total Fund Size USD 25M+
  • Target Returns are anticipated to be around 15-19% with the potential to be as high as 25%
  • The Company purchases non-performing mortgages and post-foreclosure houses at significant discounts
Company Highlights:
  • The Company purchase Assets below 75% of their value, creating a buffer that protects Investor Returns even in a downside scenario
  • The Company has profitably managed 3 Funds with the effective IRR across all funds at 17%
  • Acquired over 500 Assets and managed over USD 50M of Real Estate and note transactions in 37 states
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180 Unit Property in one of the Top Markets

Amazing location surrounded by Fortune 10 Companies, Fortune 500 Companies and Fortune 1000 Companies, and many more Companies migrating to DFW. An opportunity to invest in a 180 unit Property in Dallas, TX. The Property is surrounded by A and B Properties, giving the opportunity to transform it from a C into a B Property.

Investment Highlights:
  • Rare chance to buy additional Condos to add to 111 unit purchase, to qualify the next buyer for agency lending and lower rates to achieve 80% Ownership
  • Tremendous unit mix of 12% one bedrooms, 64% two bedrooms, 12% two bedroom town homes, and 12% three bedrooms
  • Projected ARR 19.3%
  • Projected Equity multiple 1.96X
  • 3 – 5 year hold
  • Equity of up to USD 5M preferred
Company Highlights:
  • Importance of maximizing Asset productivity and delivering exceptional returns to passive Investors
  • Working with lenders, legal, and insurance brokers, and managing all aspects of the business through property disposition
  • Sponsor Portfolio of 18 Properties and 1,230 units; USD 110M Assets Under Management
  • 40 years of Multifamily Properties Management and Multifamily Investors
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Specialized in Innovative Startup in CFO Tech

The Company sets itself apart from the rest through its strong specialist focus on emerging tech for the Office of the CFO, a $17bn market with 11% CAGR. The Company believes that Innovative Startups in CFO Tech are pioneering one of the biggest drivers of Business Value this decade. The Company stands out due to the existing extremely promising portfolio of 6 high potential companies created by passionate and determined founders.

Investment Highlights:
  • Target Fund size USD 15M – USD 20M; Investment by partners and affiliates USD 2.4M
  • Management fee 2.5%, decreasing 10% annually after investment period
  • Target Return 25%+ / 3x+
  • Investments between USD 250K – USD 1.5M in seed deals where the company aims to lead
  • Investments between USD 500K to USD 2M in Series A/B rounds alongside another lead investor
  • Fund life 10 years ; Investment period 4 years
Company Highlights:
  • Each Partner has either founded, grown and successfully exited their own CFO Tech Company
  • 100 Years of collective Experience in the Finance transformation sector
  • Establishing strategic profitable Partnerships via Internationalization and Global Expansion
  • Combined 5 Exits, each with 20+ years of Experience in the Domain
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Early Stage, eCommerce B2C Online Assets

The Companies Value Proposal is to consolidate a group of profitable early stage eCommerce Businesses with the purpose of growing their Revenues and doubling their Earnings. The Company has an opportunity to be an important player in the eCommerce Mergers and Acquisitions sub lower middle Market Space. The Company generates above average Investment Returns by improving Productivity, Marketing Competitiveness, and overall Profitability of its Portfolio Companies. An opportunity to invest in early Stage, eCommerce B2C Online Assets with unrealized Growth Potential.

Investment Highlights:
  • The Company is offering a higher Rate of Return and other Incentives for Partners
  • Target USD 10M via Issuance of Convertible NOTEs
  • 12% annual Interest with a 5 year Return Period
  • IRR over 5 years 65%
Company Highlights:
  • The Company is highly Market focused, highly capitalized with a realistic and executable Investment Strategy
  • The Company is perfectly positioned to succeed on a massive Scale: The best Place for Buying, Selling, and Growing Online Assets
  • 20+ years of Experience in negotiating Deals to identify undervalued Assets
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Education, Proprietary Software, and trading Intelligence Company

The Company is an Education, Proprietary Software, and trading Intelligence Company specialized in Training and Education for Retail Options, Futures, and Stock Traders. This is not limited to only US Clients. Many Retail Traders in Europe and other regions that trade Options and Futures, can benefit from Education Services, Market Metrics Tools, and live trade analysis. The current offering has been modelled using conservative projections to assure a high liquidity model that can both service the NOTE interest as well as provide the conditions to pay NET Revenue Participation to Investors.

Investment Highlights:
  • The Company is open to discussing to an Equity investment or Hybrid NOTEs + Equity
  • 12% of NET Revenue to be shared with NOTE Holders on Top of 10% base Interest
  • The Company has approved USD 5.5M in Promissory NOTES
  • 10% annual Interest (50% total over Life of NOTEs)
Company Highlights:
  • The Team consists of highly skilled Individuals with expertise in Trading Strategies, Technical Market Patterns, Teaching and Motivating for Success, Operations and Business Leadership
  • The Company has developed Proprietary Trading strategies that have proven to be very successful with a high degree of Risk Management
  • The Company has built Trading Education Programs using a Subscription model with great adoption
  • The Company trades its own Capital through a dedicated Prop Trade Team, thus being able to generate multiple Revenue Streams
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