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Research And Analysis

Rothwell’s primary aim is to highlight exciting but stable investment opportunities to suitable qualified investors.


Through gathering, processing and analyzing company data our research enables busy professionals to gain the valuable insights they need to make smart investment decisions. Our independent research team performs the required due diligence on a wide range of mostly UK and European opportunities. Our clients receive quality, targeted research and advice they can count on.

Rothwell, serving its clients, focuses on solid investment opportunities that Rothwell believes offers reliable investment returns. The potential rewards can be very satisfying and yet, because of a lack of awareness, these areas are often left unexploited. By placing at your disposal Rothwell, a company with a wealth of experience and contacts, we can help our clients reap the potential of promising opportunities.

Rothwell offers;

  • Research and advice on how to invest into interesting but stable opportunities.
  • Robust, well-researched, relevant and current information.
  • The potential for profitable long term returns generally up to 5 years.

Rothwell enables investors to take full advantage of a specialized service that would normally only be available to institutional or full-time professional investors.




As a result of both our research/analysis activities and our public relations consulting services we receive many inquiries from corporate and private investors who wish to receive information and advice in the areas of profitable but stable UK and overseas opportunities.

Rothwell are a privately owned independent advisory organisation and not tied to any one investment company. Thereby, this ensures Rothwell’s independency within the market place and further benefits it clients. Rothwell is well positioned and qualified to provide its clients with the requisite information and advice appropriate to their needs and ambitions.

Any opportunity recommended must be suitable for a client’s portfolio, allocation plan and risk profile. A portfolio deserves a proven and coherent approach backed by services that are perfectly tailored to particular needs and investment profiles. In order to ensure that these requirements are met, we adhere to principles that have underpinned our investment philosophy:

  • Portfolios reflect first and foremost individual requirements.
  • Portfolios are determined with the long term in mind to ensure sustainable investment quality.