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Professional representation begins with a knowledgeable and a well-trained approach to create success. Through Rothwell you can be confident that you will always be advised by seasoned professionals.

Whether you are an existing or a prospective client, you can be assured that Rothwell will serve you with the highest professional standards.The key to any well planned investor relations strategy is to keep current clients as knowledgeable and informed on all relevant, pertinent issues wherever possible.
We understand what it takes for our clients to succeed and a key ingredient to our success and theirs is our comprehensive understanding of specific markets. Delivering a corporate message in a concise and effective manner can be challenging, and we take our responsibility very seriously, recognising that a loyal client is usually an informed client.
Loyalty is earned by articulating short and long-term business goals while encouraging appropriate client participation. In a period of history where investors are often searching for short-term gains, we never lose our focus to understand and communicate that consistent and reliable gains are best achieved over the longer term. The value of a loyal client and shareholder who will remain with a company through the tribulations and the triumphs is incalculable.

Rothwell specialises

Rothwell’s information provision services allow clients to make informed investment decisions about promising opportunities that would normally not come to their attention. We research opportunities best advised with a 1 to 5 year perspective but with very strong reasons to invest now. Our review of the arena does not just look for “hot tip” opportunities that are about to increase quickly due to some temporary or short-term market condition or announcement.
Instead we prefer to carry out an in-depth investigation into the fundamentals of a business: its products and services, the capabilities of the management, its financial structure and any potential partnerships, mergers or takeovers that may assist the company in achieving a strong long-term position in a dynamic and prosperous market.
It is a fact that usually the earliest shareholders in successful companies eventually reap the largest rewards. Therefore, it is imperative to have the vision to identify early growth signals before they are recognised by affluent professionals and institutions.