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Before you take the Rothwell opportunity, it is important to ensure our specialist approach matches your objectives. Rothwell serves high net worth, experienced, knowledgeable, sophisticated private and corporate clients.

We aim to deliver tailored and specific information which we believe is appropriate for your needs. Therefore according to the “know-your-client-rules” in private banking, which we take as our standard, you should provide us with as much information about your circumstances and requirements in order for us to give you the best advice and service. Our key mission is to assist our investors who are looking to complement their portfolios with exceptional performance over the medium to long term.

Are you prepared to take a medium to long-term view?

The investor needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Normally there are no quick-win strategies in this particular market sector. Therefore, investors should not view their investments as short term positions or aim to play a “timing game”. We inform our clients that “buying to hold” works. In short, we believe you should never invest in companies unless you are prepared to take a long-term view. Your objective should be income and capital appreciation – that is, sustained growth over the medium to long term.