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When you become a Rothwell client, you may be allocated a dedicated consultant with whom you can communicate as often as you require. If requested, your consultant will contact you whenever our analysis department releases information that is relevant to you. Your consultant can explain the merits of the research and then you alone can decide how to proceed; it is always your choice and at your discretion

It is important to understand that Rothwell is a research and information provider and are not stockbrokers, nor do they handle client monies and they are not involved in any banking activities. Rothwell therefore recommends that any investment is bought and sold through a suitable entity or institution, of your choice or, if you prefer, via an independent intermediary that may be recommended by Rothwell. Once again, this is at your discretion.

At Rothwell, our aim is to keep all of our clients completely informed with regards to their portfolios. As well as providing information, we will endeavour to inform you of any breaking news, events or developments that may affect your portfolio, in addition to news of any suitable potential exit strategies that we believe may exist.


To find out more – without obligation – about how we can help you can find promising opportunities and see the contact us page within this website.

If in doubt, please consult independent advice or for further information please contact us.