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Rothwell Partners Limited (“Rothwell”) provide independent information and investment awareness for its clients. Rothwell conducts extensive research and stress tests each and every new project to ensure that clients are provided with only the very best and most robust products for their portfolios. Rothwell also specialises in providing referral services to investment companies which have undergone Rothwell’s strict due diligence process. Rothwell sources companies that offer exciting but solid investment opportunities. Rothwell normally only engages with companies that adhere to strict rules and regulations, such as the FCA in the UK, thereby offering further security to Rothwell’s clients.

For the purpose for making investment recommendations, Rothwell only engages with interested and qualified potential investors being both private persons and corporate clients which Rothwell clearly understands on reasonable grounds are sufficiently knowledgeable to understand the risks associated with investing in Rothwell’s recommended opportunities. Such entities could be one of a high net worth profile, sophisticated or able to certify to such an effect.

Rothwell is an investment research, analysis and advisory company based in the financial centre of Hong Kong,Rothwell provides a broad spectrum of financial information and advisory services including:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Investor Relations and Consulting
  • Provision of Financial Information
  • Investment Advice
  • Associated Investment Related Services

As a multi-client investor relations consultancy we support potentially promising investment companies by assisting them with their promotion and communication needs. In doing so, we collaborate with corporate and private investors who require information and advice on such promising but stable opportunities.

As an independent advisory company Rothwell’s services are primarily designed for institutional corporations, high net worth and sophisticated private clients. A mainly UK clientele is drawn from corporations, investment houses, smaller research firms and private investors. In the arena of providing financial information, accurate knowledge is crucial, therefore, it is imperative that the sourcing of reliable data, processing and evaluation are handled with the utmost care and consideration. Rothwell is linked to a broad network of information sources and specialized financial information agencies.

It is important to note that Rothwell is a research house and information provider; Rothwell are not stockbrokers, nor do Rothwell handle client monies and Rothwell are not involved in any banking activities.